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Fiji Trip ..Tropical island getaways with a superb climate, secluded white sand beaches and crystal clear water, there’s nowhere on earth quite like Fiji. With over 320 islands to explore, world-class resorts and a relaxed and friendly vibe wherever you go, Fiji offers the ultimate island holiday.

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One of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, you haven’t experienced the magic of the tropics until you’ve been to Fiji. So what are you waiting for?

What are the must-see attractions in Fiji Trip ?

A vast Melanesian island nation in the Pacific Ocean just a few hours flight from the east coast of Australia, Fiji is an archipelago with 2 main islands – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Although many travellers stick to one or both of these islands, there are hundreds of other islands to explore if you have the time.

Wherever you go in Fiji, you’re bound to make memories to last a lifetime. Here are some suggestions of must-see attractions in Fiji to get you started.

Best In Fiji

As an Fiji Trip island nation, it’s no surprise that many of Fiji’s best activities include water sports like sailing, diving, paragliding and snorkelling. Take a cruise around the islands in either a kayak, yacht or charter boat and be dropped off for the day at such tropical paradises as Mana or Navini. Head out to an outer reef for some quality surfing or deep sea fishing, snorkel one of the many beautiful lagoons or take a diving trip to see the stunning array of sea creatures that help make this country so special.

Feel like getting off the beach? Head into the hills for some excellent hiking in the Bouma National Park and cool yourself off in waterfalls, or hike to Des Voeux Peak for some seriously breathtaking views.

With a strong cultural identity that celebrates the unique personality of the people and their heritage, it is highly recommended that cultural experiences are included as part of your holiday. Participate in a Kava ceremony, where the Kava root is pounded into a drink and is passed around as a welcome gesture to visitors.

Fancy something slightly more unique? Then play your role as a victim in a (thankfully mock) human sacrifice ritual. Although not practiced for centuries, cannibalism was once a feature of the islands and the reenactment makes for a superb, if somewhat gruesome, memento of your stay. Visit a local village and participate in a lovo cooking class, where you’ll learn how to cook the traditional Fijian way by creating an earth oven.

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However, without question the most important thing to do in Fiji is relax. You’re on island time, which means letting all your stresses go and slowing down to appreciate all that the natural wonders and friendly locals have to offer. And what better way to do that than with a Qantas Airline Holidays Fiji Holiday Package?

Fiji Trip

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