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Accra for Vacation . The capital city of Ghana in West Africa, Accra is a busy metropolis that is well-worth getting to know. Music fills the air – literally from passing cars – and there are many live music venues playing Afrobeat, reggae and western pop music. Most hotels feature their own in-house bands and there is a constantly evolving nightlife. As well as its lively music scene, Accra is also home to one of the best beaches in Ghana, Labadi Beach, a golden stretch of sand, fringed with palm trees. Labadi Beach is a great place to surf, horse ride, and sunbathe in the daytime, and at night it is famous for its lively bonfires and parties. Yes, if you want a lively holiday, Accra is the place to go. Browse our range of cheap holidays in Accra today and book a flight to Accra.

Things to know before .. When you are ready for Accra Vacation ..

If you are planning a holiday to Accra, it’s worth doing some research. Here are some useful tips to get you started before booking one of our amazing flight and hotel deals, including flight from London to Accra.

  • If you are visiting from the UK you will need a visa. Contact the Ghanian High Commission in London for the latest information. It’s really important to check that the Ghanian Immigration Service stamp the correct number of days on your passport when you arrive regardless of the time of your visa.
  • Don’t drink water from a tap. Bottled water can be easily purchased in Accra.
  • Cash and traveller’s cheques are the best ways of spending money in Ghana.
  • You will need to have a Yellow Fever vaccination before your trip to Ghana. Other vaccinations and medications are optional but it’s best to visit your doctor for the latest advice.
  • Tipping is an important part of the Ghanian culture and is an important part of the income of many hospitality workers. A tip of 10 percent is considered generous.

What’s the weather in Accra?

Find out the best time to book one of our great holiday deals to Accra. The weather in Accra is hot and humid – it’s a tropical climate with a rainy season that stretches between April and June, although the autumn can also experience wet weather. The best time to visit is between December and March. All inclusive holiday packages to Accra and a flight from Manchester to Accra are just a few clicks away!

What to bring from Accra? if you are for Accra Vacation 2022 ..

Accra is a brilliant shopping destination, and there are some things you can buy in Accra that can be found nowhere else on earth. Some ideas for souvenirs to bring from your Accra package holiday are:

  • Locally made eco sandals made from recycled plastic.
  • Bolgatanga baskets – these are colourful woven baskets made by the men of the Frafra tribe.
  • Kente – the woven cotton cloth that is synonymous with the Ghanian national identity.
  • African black soap – handmade and organic, it is a must-have beauty product.

If Accra is your dream shopping destination, have a look at our latest Accra holiday packages right away.

What places to visit in Accra? if you are for Accra Vacation ..

Ghana has many interesting places to visit. The Aburi Botanical Gardens are an ideal spot for a picnic and boast an impressive variety of flora and fauna, and make a refreshing contrast to the hot hustle and bustles of Accra’s city streets. Going on a walking tour of Accra’s markets is a must. If you are interested in history the three-hour walking tour of Accra’s former slave forts and museums with a local guide offers sober insights into the country’s turbulent past. You can visit the haunting former slave prisons of Ussher Fort and James Fort and even explore the dungeons at James Fort. Another interesting day out is the ‘Beads Hunt’ – where you can learn all about Ghana’s ancient bead-making industry. For a holiday filled with memorable cultural highlights, book a flight and hotel to Accra now.

What to eat in Accra? if you are for Accra Vacation ..

If staying in an all-inclusive hotel, you will be served with local and European dishes. Most people on a cheap Accra package holiday are interested in experiencing the local cuisine and there are many great restaurants, serving tasty food such as Jolof rice, fufu, groundnut soup, and okra stew. Most Ghanian foods are quite spicy. Roadside traders offer many types of street food. Look out for deep fried plantain crisps, popcorn and fried dough. There are also plenty of other choices, such as Chinese restaurants and American fried chicken fast food diners.

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