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Financial Protection and ATOL affiliation:

www.kitestravel.co.uk is acting as an agent for UK based ATOL holder Consolidator .The ATOL scheme financially protects all Flights and holidays included with the flight on this website. Some may not be protected and at time of booking, you can enjoy the right to confirm which security system you want to be applicable. Since all bookings are preserved under the ATOL scheme, you’ll get an ATOL Certificate when you make the payment when you pay ask for it. If you’re made to pay a part payment while booking the flight, it’s confirmed that it is ATOL protected. It may also happen that a certificate won’t specify all the parts included in the trip segments -turns out, the unspecified portions are not ATOL protected. Please refer to our booking conditions for further information. Please visit: www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate

Our Mission
We aim to provide top-class offers to the travelers so that they have the peace of mind of booking the best plan while enjoying their long-desired places. The opulence of the world inspires and motivates us to introduce you with the typical as well as surprising aspects of nature; we believe that by helping you explore the world, we’re simply letting you meet your undeniable privilege.

Our Approach
Our happiness resides in astonishing you from the sight of world’s wonders. We earn your pleasure by offering tons of recreational acts and expeditions that are sure to transform your tours better in 250 regions covering the whole world. To add to your harmony, you’re allowed to browse through a variety of options so that you always have some sweet memories of these tours alive with you.

Reason to Book with Us?
Though we are committed to supply the best packages at the modest budget, we want you to make purchases once you’re convinced about our quality. Easy and systematic planning and booking procedure are the best of what we can offer.

Financial Protection
The ATOL scheme financially protects all Flights and holidays included with the flight on this website.

Easy Booking Process
We prioritize your ease and solace when it comes to booking and cancellation processes, hence we’ll leave no stone unturned to make both of these trouble free for you.

Trained Travel Agent
We have trained experts as travel agents who are ready to aid you through the whole process quite favorably.

Book with Initial Deposit
Start your journey simply by booking with an initial deposit, and we offer you the liberty of paying the rest of the payment within the first 2 days of your excursion.

Trust & Privacy
We esteem the privacy of your information, so, we’ll never break your trust by violating the rules of security.

Our Team
Self-motivation, faithfulness, ingenuity and our value are the dearest to us, and thus we are open to consider something beyond our spectrum. We are even ready to question ourselves and other in case it leads to improvement. If you think you can help us redefine our adventure.

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